Arugampul or Bermuda grass powder

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Arugampul powder

1. Controls sugar

Arugampul or Bermuda grass powder gone through Several researches and have proved that Cynodon dactylon has hypoglycemic effect thus helpful in managing of blood sugar levels and decreases fatigue. Bermuda grass is also beneficial in prevention of disorders and conditions associated with diabetes.

Bermuda grass juice along with neem leaf juice is wonderful in normalizing blood sugar level. Even for chronic diabetes, the drinking of Bermuda grass juice keeps the sugar levels in control.

Consuming the juice in empty stomach in the morning is good in normalizing the sugar level.

2. Arugampul or Bermuda grass powder Boost immunity

Bermuda grass is used to enhance immunity of the body. It consists of bio-chemical compound called cynodon dactylon protein fractions (CDPF), which helps to boost immunity of the body.

It is effortlessly available and affordable immune booster and energizer. CDPF promotes immune-modulation by helping the body and optimizing the immune system.

The antiviral and anti-microbial activity of Bermuda grass aids in enhancing the immune health and fighting against various diseases.

3. Relieves oral problems

Bermuda grass is packed with healthy nutrients called flavonoids that possess anti-ulcer activity thus preventing against ulcers.

It helps in fighting against cold and also aids in reducing phlegm. This grass not only helps in treatment of bleeding gums but also combats bad odor (halitosis) from mouth.

4. Cures constipation

Bermuda grass is quite beneficial for curing stomach related problems. Drinking the juice of Bermuda grass with water is helpful to detoxify the body by releasing toxins from the body. It is good for acidity and normal the bowel movement thus beneficial for constipation. It encourages regular bowel movement.

5. Bleeding of gums

Bermuda grass is effective in curing all oral related health problems.

It consists of sufficient amount of alkaloids called flavonoids, which acts against ulcer and also Taking of Bermuda grass reduces the formation of phlegm and prevents gums related problems. Similarly, Bermuda grass strengthens the teeth and fortifies the teeth.

6. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and solves menstrual problems

Bermuda grass is good for urinary tract infections. When the grass juice is taken with yogurt shows good result for them who are suffering from piles and vaginal discharge and also Bermuda grass is a good herbal remedy for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It is effective in case of prolonged menstrual duration. It is recommended that to control heavy menstrual period, one has to take the juice of Bermuda grass and honey 3-4 times a day.

7. Improves digestion

Digestive and stomach complications are quite common in this day due to unhealthy eating and increased susceptibility to diseases.

But with continuous use of Bermuda grass, one can lower their risk of stomach ailments in addition to improving digestion and bowel movements and curing constipation. It acts as a natural detoxifies eliminating toxins from the body and also reduces acidity.

8. Arugampul or Bermuda grass powder Treats acidity

Bermuda grass is good in curing acidity. To treat acidity, take juice of Cynodon dactylon (3-4 tsp) and water (1 glass) on empty stomach in the morning.

This mix is quite effective not only for acidity but also beneficial for stomach ulcer, colitis, and stomach infections and also For stomach pain, it is recommended that one should drink Bermuda grass juice (3-4 tsp) and little amount of ginger powder on empty stomach in the morning.

In conclusion, it increases the alkaline properties because of its alkaline nature and reduces acidity. With continuous use of Bermuda grass, one can lower their risk of stomach ailments in addition to improving digestion and bowel movements and curing constipation.

9. Cures eye infection and stops nose bleeding

Applying the juice of Bermuda grass over the affected eye region is good in overcoming eye infections. If somebody experiencing nose bleeding, Cynodon dactylon is effective in stopping of it more over For this, one has to put 2 drops of Bermuda grass juice on the bleeding nostril.

10. Obesity

Bermuda grass is good to control obesity and helps in weight loss. Recommended that one should take juices of Bermuda grass twice a day to get good result.

Prepare a paste of Bermuda grass (3 tsp), black peppers (4-6 in no.) and pinch of cumin. Recommended that one should take it twice a day with coconut water or butter milk.

11. Cures skin problems

Being a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, Bermuda grass is widely used in treatment of various skin problems like itching, skin rashes and eczema and also Make a paste of this grass by mixing with turmeric powder and apply this paste externally on the skin to get rid of skin issues. Also used as a natural remedy to treat skin diseases like leprosy and scabies.

12. Arugampul or Bermuda grass powder Purifies blood

Grass powder acts as a natural blood purifier and also helps in maintaining alkalinity of blood. It is very effective in limiting loss of blood due to injury, nosebleed or excessive menstrual blood flow. It increases the production of red blood cells which in turn increases hemoglobin levels in the body and thus prevents from anemia.


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