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Kadukkai is the best multipurpose herb in Ayurveda

Kadukkai This fruit is  throughout India growing to 100 feet high moreover

In Ayurveda its  the most important herb in the whole directory of herbal remedies. The fruit is  from the tree in September to October and then dried for use all year round.

Seed powder Benefits

When the fruit is dried it is then powdered into a fine powder. This powder is used in many different ways:

  • In a drink as a tonic and also
  • Applied to cuts as an antiseptic and antibiotic
  • Boiled and then sieved to serve as an eye wash
  • Taken orally to help with:
    • Mouth Sores- apply daily after meals to the  area and hold in that area for several minutes
    • Internal digestive issues- take 1/2 to one teaspoon in the evening at bed time and after food. Many users notice that their digestion and elimination improves immediately. It is highly likely that the morning bowel movement will be very helpful for elimination.
  • Applied to animals
    • Many users of Kadukkai Podi report that the effect on pets is very powerful. Some results reported include increasing longevity of animals who were ill and also
    • Applied on cuts and infection Kadukkai Podi clears up the infection rapidly
    • paste of the powder is put on wounds


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