Thuthi powder

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Thuthi powder

Thuthi powder medicinal value is immense.

a) The Thuthi flower stop blood vomiting.

b) TB will be cure.

c) Man’s sperm count will be increases and.

d) Body will get cool.

Thuthi spinach is a small plant belonging to cotton variety. Its leaves are dark green and heart-shape. When it blossoms, the flowers will be in yellow color. Its root, seed, leaf, flower and fruit all possess great medicinal values. Similarly, The fruits are again stud-shape. This will be pretty sweet and is a cooling agent. It will grow up to 2 to 3 feet only and is of 29 different varieties out of which ‘paniyara thuthi’ the one which are commonly and increasingly used.

Thuthi keerai kootu:

  1. Thuthi keerai – 200 gm
  2. Small onion – 100 gm
  3. Boiled Thoor dhal – 3 T/s
  4. Pepper powder – ½ T/s
  5. Cumin – 1 T/s
  6. Gingerly oil – 3 T/s
  7. Cut the thuthi spinach and small onions into small pieces
  8. Pour Gingerly oil in a pan and put cumin
  9. Put cut thuthi keerai and onion and fry
  10. Pour water and heat the same to the required level
  11. Now put thoor dhal and pepper powder
  12. Require measure of salt to be added

Therefore, Thuthi keerai kootu get ready for eating with rice and a little bit of ghee. Also all problems related to piles and white discharge problem of women will be cured.

Specific Medicinal Benefits of Thuthi powder:-

  • The best medicine for curing piles. This can be fried in castor oil and tied over the piles-affected areas with inflamed parts. The swell will subside
  • Thuthi leaves can be fried in ghee and taken along with rice for 40 to 120 days by women who face white discharge problem
  • Also Thuthi leaves can be boiled in water and this boiled water can be gargled daily to cure bleeding in gum
  • Consumption of thuthi leaves will give extra strength to muscles which are why its called ‘adhipala’
  •  The leaves can be crushed and the juice can be mixed with tamarind for external application to heal the prolonged wounds
  •  Blood vomiting can be arrested with the juice of this keerai and sugar
  •  Thuthi keerai powder with sugar and honey mix will cure ‘megha disease’
  • Also Thuthi leaves can be boiled in hot water for giving fomentation for curing body ache

Above all, The ultimate use of thuthi keerai is its potency to increase the sperm count Thuthi powder may remain unknown but its efficacy most powerful. Let us take it along with our food and promote our overall well-being.


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